Thursday, September 26, 2013

Engaging Training & Cool LMS: Bigger Brains partners with Docebo

All over the world, businesses large and small are considering online training.  Maybe the want to improve their productivity, maybe they want to meet compliance regulations, maybe they need a better way to share internal product or procedure knowlede with their entire team.  What they need is an easy to use, full-featured Learning Management System. 

But there are two problems.  First, there are dozens of good LMS systems to choose from.  How do you know which is best? 

Second, once you do make your choice, the LMS you implement probably starts out empty.  Adding content? That's a monumental task in itself. 

That's why the new Docebo Marketplace is such a powerful innovation, and why we at Bigger Brains are proud to add our "uniquely engaging" e-Learning courses to Docebo's rapidly expanding library. 

Check out our press release here, and visit Docebo at  


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