Monday, May 5, 2008

More CT on TV

CT has been featured on several more TV segments recently, including Fox morning news shows in Philly and Detroit (Detroit's video is here:

This was a fun segment to shoot - Jill Bennett and BusinessWeek wanted to do the shoot at a customer's location but in Manhattan near their studios. Fortunately Jim Greenfield in our NYC offices suggested his customer Steve Carroll, and their 5th avenue apartment was a perfect location. Steve was also very generous and agreed to be on camera too, which worked well.

We also owe a special "Thank You" to our partners at ReImage who gave us the "dirty" PC we used in the segment. Reimage has developed a tool which lets us restore a damaged or infected Windows XP system to a clean, useable state in just a few minutes, and so they've built up a "library" of bad system images which came in handy. Otherwise I wasn't sure what to do when the producers asked us if we could "show a computer virus" on camera!