Thursday, March 7, 2013

What I do now

I have three lives now, at least when it comes to work:

If you're looking for computer repair in Anderson, SC, I recommend checking out my retail business, Computer Troubleshooters of Anderson.  We do everything from computer repair to notebook screen repair to iphone repair (or iPad repair) for individuals, but our main focus is on local small businesses.

For our business clients we specialize in service plans, including three options that provide unlimited computer service for a flat monthly fee and also include professional anti-virus, online backup, and 24/7  network health monitoring.  Every Sunday evening I personally check the backup logs for every single service plan client to make sure everything's working OK, and if I see anything that looks odd or out of place you'll get a call from Jim or Scott on Monday to investigate it.

My "second life" though is as the CEO of a relatively new online training company, Bigger Brains.  There we do online training in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Sales, Marketing, Online Marketing, Presentation Skills, and more, all starting at $17 per month for individuals.

Companies can also purchase "Bigger Brains" for their entire staff, which allows them not only to access all of our online courses but also to add their own content.  Bigger Brains can also act as a full company intranet, storing key documents and company links as well as online courses.  Many companies use Bigger Brains to store things like Employee Handbooks, Product Sales Guides, and related materials.

And finally in my third life I do some independent consulting, mostly with IT firms, to help them improve their product offerings either to the small & medium business market or their offerings through the SMB IT channel.

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