Thursday, March 6, 2008

More Publicity

Even while I'm traveling I'm hearing about more and more news outlets picking up stories about Computer Troubleshooters.

The Dunn County News (WI) ran our article on "Tips for Keeping Your Computer Healthy". ran an article about our newest location in Ireland.

And while I was in Cairo the major newspaper AhRam ran an article about a major deal closed by CT-Egypt's new Hospitality Division to install wireless internet and other services in one of Egypt's largest hotel chains, the Domina group:

pictured: Mr Ahmed Shaheen, owner of CT-Egypt (top),
Mr Islam Mahmoud, director of the CT-Hospitality division (bottom right)


jessa said...

Keeping your computers healthy is a big task for me as a programmer. I always makes sure that my computer is not infected with virus and also its temperature is always check.

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There are already a lot of options to keep your personal computers healthy - but the thing is, there are a lot of ways as well where theft can still access and even get your personal data!