Friday, February 22, 2008

More Publicity for Computer Troubleshooters

It seems like every day more media outlets are picking up great stories from Computer Troubleshooters, including newspapers like the Worcester Telegram, the Kitsap Sun, and the Florida Weekly. I was also recently interviewed by, Home Business Magazine, and Costco Connection Magazine - watch for those soon.

We're also getting more attention from business shows on talk radio, with live interviews this week with WQMX in Ohio, WMBI in Illinois, and a recorded interview with the nationally-syndicated Issues Today radio show (to be broadcast in mid-March). This week also saw the broadcast of my previously recorded interview with Mike Carruthers on the national "Something You Should Know" program (click here to listen to that archived broadcast).

Next week I'll be leaving to visit with Computer Troubleshooters in Africa, Asia, and New Zealand, but our excellent media relations team already has interviews scheduled for when I arrive back home in April - watch for more updates about that right here!

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